Olive Water

Liquid Olive Water

Our Olive Water (100 ml) is an aromatic hydro distillate from olive leaves. No alcohol is used during extraction/distillation. If you plan to source Olive Water for a drink we advise to mix one part our Olive Water with at least 10 parts of water (or other water soluble ingredients). The recommended dosage for personal care product is 5-10%. Our Olive Water is water soluble. You should add it to the water phase of your formulation.

Olive Water

Product ID: M4-01
Additives: None
Solvent used: Water
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Appearance: clear liquid
INCI: Olea Europaea Leaf Water
Packing: Amber glass bottle, 100 ml

Other packing sizes are available on demand: 10 kg, 20 kg aseptic bags
Special conditions for B2B and wholesale on request.

We ship by DHL door-to-door service: Flat rate shipping fee = 40 USD

Specifications / Benefits

  • Olive Water is a liquid, aromatic hydro distillate from olive leaves.
  • Oral health: Olive water is known for its anti-septic and soothing properties making it ideal for all kind of oral health mouthwash and beauty drinks.
  • Terpene – powerful antioxidants: Olive water is used to counteracts the signs of skin aging. It neutralizes free radicals. Terpene is an active antioxidant that cleans the cells and shields the skin from the harmful effect of free radicals.


Magic Tree

The value of olive tree products to health is widely known. Also the oil from olive tree was used as lighting oil. Thus, it is said that the olive tree has heart and soul and symbolizes power and health. Moreover, this symbolism is totally accurate due to the fact that olive tree can live for centuries, being extremely hardy and being resistant to both fire and drought.

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