Bamboo Water

Liquid Bamboo Leaf Extract / Bamboo Water

Our Bamboo leaf Extract (100 ml) is a highly concentrated food-grade hot-water extract. No alcohol is used. If you plan to source bamboo extract for your drink we advise to mix one part our Bamboo Leaf Extract with at least 7 parts of water (or other water soluble ingredients). The recommended dosage for personal care product is 5-20%. Our bamboo extract is water soluble. You should add it to the water phase of your formulation.

Bamboo Leaf Extract

Product ID: M1-01
Additives: 0.1% Citric Acid, 0.04% Potassium Sorbate
Solvent used: Water
pH: 3.5 – 5.0
Appearance: light brown/golden liquid
INCI: Phyllostachys Edulis (Leaf) Extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate
Packing: Amber glass bottle, 100 ml

Other packing sizes are available on demand: 10 kg, 20 kg, 200 kg aseptic bags
Special conditions for B2B and wholesale on request.

We ship by DHL door-to-door service: Flat rate shipping fee = 40 USD

Specifications / Benefits

  • Bamboo Leaf Extract is a pure and natural hot water extract.
  • The bamboo leaves are sourced from our own primeval bamboo forest.
  • The integral bio-active compounds from bamboo, the original aroma and taste are well conserved.
  • Bamboo Leaf Extract is rich in bio-available silica and flavonoids.


Get inspired by our magic source:


Magic Tree


Our bamboo grows an amazing 20-50 cm a day until it reaches 15 meters or higher! The spreading root structure allows one rootstock to produce several shoots, permitting bamboo to have horizontal growth too.

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